MARCH 12, 2022 10AM STEP OFF

Thanks to everyone who entered or helped make the 2019 St. Patrick’s Day Parade such a terrific
success. The memories of that day are still with us. But, 2022 has a light at the end of a long tunnel and
we see a great parade once again! Join us Saturday March 12 th 10 am Main St. Downtown Visalia.
This year we welcome our newest Grand Marshal Sam Logan, who has been waiting his turn since 2020.
Sam has been voted Man of the year by the Visalia Chamber and Past President of the County Center
Rotary; Sam knows how to serve.
We will also be honoring two great men who were co-founders of Visalia’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and
who we lost this past year, John Vartanian and Bruce McDermott. Visalia would not be the amazing
community it is today if it was not for these two men who called Visalia home and they took care of
their home! We will miss them both.
SPECIAL THANKS goes to all of our wonderful past sponsors, our special thanks go out to Bueno
Beverage, Budweiser – the King of Beers, The Vintage Press, Le Boulevard, Kaweah Health Care District,
Citizens Business Bank, A & W Restaurants, Provident-Salierno Family Foundation and Momentum
Broadcasting and their announcers and street crews, they always make the parade special. Without
each of them, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade would not be as successful.
The parade will donate $500 each to the first 5 marching school bands to participate in the 2022
parade. We ask that the marching bands have fun in the spirit of the parade.
Our sponsors’ participation further helps our parade take care of the expenses necessary for traffic
control, police presence, advertising, and many of the other ancillary costs to promote an enjoyable St.
Patrick’s Day Parade.
As you all know a great deal of time, effort, and attention to the special details go into making our
parade a success. Having good hearted and kind participants makes it that much easier. Our list of
volunteers and crew never asked why something needed to be done, they just jumped right in and “do
it”. All the extra support makes each parade so much easier and enjoyable for not only for those who
watched the parade but for those of us who helped to make it happen.
Because of our combined efforts, we received numerous compliments from our city Council members as
well as our downtown merchants. Our parade crowd seemed to pick up on the enthusiasm and
thoroughly enjoyed this largest parade ever. Again, to ALL who are helping make this the largest St.
Patrick’s Day Parade we thank you. And for those participating in this great Visalia community event.
Yes, we have spirit!
We look forward to seeing and having fun with all of you again on Saturday March 12th, 2022. The
parade will step off on Main St. at Church at 10am and will travel west to Willis and head north, the
parade will disband in front of the Vintage Press. So, find a comfortable spot and line Main Street of
Downtown Visalia. Wear your green bold and proud as we are all Irish today.

Past Grand Marshal’s

1986 – Jim Taylor
1987 – Emily Dailey
1988 – Cal Bennet
1990 – Monsignor Daugherty
1994 – Ralph Moore
1995 – Tommy Elliott
1996 – Bruce McDermott
1997 – Ray Bishop
1998 – Judge Patrick O’Hara
1999 – Greeley Togni
2000 – Tony and Mary Salierno
2001 – Dr. John Castiglia
2002 – Dr. David Heaney
2003 – Phil Hornburg
2004 – Eric Shannon
2005 – GA Gindick
2006 – Fred Ruiz
2007- Steve Salomon
2008 – Del & Tim Johnson
2009 – Will and Letty Crenshaw
2010 – Bob Cary
2011 – Marjorie Brandon
2012 – Marilyn Barr
2013 – Connie Conway
2014 – Francie Levy
2015 – Mrs. Jeanne Hoey
2016 – Marilynn Mitchell
2017 – Paul Hurley
2018 – Nina Clancy
2019 – Marybeth Porter-Seay
2020 – Sam Logan – postponed
2021 – Sam Logan – cancelled

2022 – Sam Logan!

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